Welcome Visual Arts Center of New Jersey Board Members!

Hats off to you for investing your time in becoming an effective ambassador and fundraiser for the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.   

We are here to help you focus your efforts on building strategic relationships that lead to a large base of committed, long-term donors.  

It’s not about hitting up everyone you know for a gift, and it’s not even about every board member asking for gifts. It’s about everyone being involved in the process, putting their best foot forward with skillful communication and telling a compelling story about the work you so deeply believe in.

Get Started

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I. Welcome Video

5 minutes

Just a brief hello from Brian!

II. Setting the Stage

25 minuteS + worksheet

Fundraising training starts with understanding what it’s all about and why we do it.  Here we cover your mindset about both money and philanthropy, why cultivating and asking makes such an impact, and best practices for board member

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III. Intro to Asking Styles

7 minutes

Learn how the Asking Styles were developed, the key traits of each, and two examples of how they impact our fundraising.  After watching the video, take the quiz below to find out your Primary and Secondary Asking Styles.

Find Your Asking Style

3 minutes

Take the 30-question, true/false Asking Styles quiz and check your email for results.

IV. Fundraise using Your Asking Style

Watch the video for your Style, completing the worksheet as you go along.


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Kindred Spirits

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Mission Controllers

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Additional Resources

We hope these additional resources will be of help to you over time. 


Consider watching these brief videos and discussing them as a group:

Introduction to Asking Styles
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The Power of Being Authentic
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Why Asking in Person Matters
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Cultivating Donors Year-Round
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Board Giving and Getting
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Making the Case for Support
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These are great 10-15 minute group exercises for board meetings, retreats, and other gatherings:

For Your BFP Lead Only

Please use this form to sign up your board members and staff. You can add people at any time. If you wish to remove anyone, please email support@askingmatters.com.