Introducing Board Fundraising Pro!

Webinar recording from January 17th, 2022

Introducing Board Fundraising Pro

Do you want your board to help raise more funds for your organization in 2023? Then please watch the recorded webinar to learn about Board Fundraising Pro (and get some great tips as well!).

I have designed Board Fundraising Pro to finally address the multiple issues we have getting our boards to fundraise:

  • Board members lack the training
  • Board members don’t have perspective on what good fundraising is
  • It’s hard to find the staff time to drive this
  • Staff don’t have the expertise themselves, let alone the ability to teach it
  • Board members need ongoing training and motivation

Board Fundraising Pro addresses this and more, and all for less than the value of one board member helping with one relationship that leads to one gift of $2,000 or more.

Questions and Answers from the Webinar

Can we upgrade/downgrade?
Yes. At any time you can bump up to Gold from Silver, and after the six months at Gold you can bump down to Silver.

How many people can we register?
Everyone! You can register all your board members, as well as all relevant staff. A subscription is per board, so if you are part of a system of Y’s for instance, each Y’s board would need to subscribe.

Do you cover planned / legacy gifts?
We do not address them explicitly as most small to mid-sized organizations are focused on current-use gifts, but 95% of the material is applicable, from taking donors through the donor cycle to telling your story, setting up meetings, and conducting meetings.

Can we sign up now but delay starting?
Absolutely! You train completely at your own pace. Perhaps weigh whether it’s worth subscribing now given the deal below and the lower monthly cost through February 1 ($129/mo. if you subscribe by February 1 and $149/mo. after) or whether it makes sense to wait two or three months. You can subscribe just to familiarize yourself, you can sign up your board members so they start to get motivational emails, or work the program however it makes sense for you.

What’s not included?
Nothing. Everything is included: your customized landing page, the extensive guidebook, membership in the LinkedIn group, regular communications, webinar for board members, etc. If you’d like to buy books or training merchandise, subscribers will be offered those at a discount.