Reaching Your Board Fundraising Goals This Year!

Webinar recording from June 21st, 2023

Reaching Your Board Fundraising Goals

One of the key steps in board fundraising is involving board members strategically in the direction and decisions of your organization. If your board rubber stamps your organization’s key strategies and goals, it’s less likely they’ll own them. If your board members have truly been a part of developing the organization’s goals, they’ll have a stronger personal investment in assuring they’re reached.

And, of course, even if they own the goals and want to help, they need to understand why the work is important and how to do the work. Why is their help so crucial? How do they approach someone in a way that’s authentic and effective? How do they get past their own awkwardness? What does cultivation really look like? Watch the webinar recording above to learn more.

How I Can Help

This is all difficult to do on your own. Chances are you don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to make the case for your board’s help or to effectively give them the tools. I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations at this point and it’s made me incredibly passionate about finding an economical and effective way to help organizations do this work. To give everyone the tools I can give an organization I work with directly.

Board Fundraising Pro is my solution.

  • It allows the whole board to learn together, for one great low price, on your timetable.
  • It gives whoever is responsible for making board fundraising and board fundraising training happen a direct line to me to answer any questions.
  • It guides you through all the exercises and discussions to have over time.
  • AND it allows me to communicate and train directly with your board so they learn from my expertise
  • All this and more for $79 a month!

I hope you’ll take advantage of Board Fundraising Pro. I think it’s a game changer for the field.

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Board Fundraising Pro Includes:

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There are three levels of Board Fundraising Pro to choose from, based on your needs and budget. All subscription levels include access for ALL of your board members at one price. Train your entire board for as low as $79/mo!

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All the basics, monthly coaching, and live training by brian


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